Disc cleaning and repair

The Ericson Public Library offers a service of cleaning/repairing DVDS, CDs, and game discs for a charge of $1.00 per disc.  The following terms and conditions apply to cleaning and repairing discs:

  1. Repairs are limited to 5 discs per visit in clearly marked cases.
  2. The Library charges $1.00 per disc.
  3. Notification by email/phone when the disc has been processed.
  4. The Library assumes no responsibility for items lost or damaged during the repair process.
  5. Library will make a reasonable attempt to repair the customer’s discs to pristine condition, with the following understanding:
    1. Not all discs can be repaired.  We cannot repair cracked discs or discs that have been damaged by deep scratches, heat or chemicals.
    2. While most repaired discs will be returned in almost like new condition, there may be a slight, barely noticeable circular pattern created during the wet sanding process or there may be text labeling near the center ring of the disc worn away.  This is normal and cannot be avoided.  It should not affect the playability of the repaired disc.
    3.  While most returned discs will be in substantially better condition than when received, we assume no responsibility for further damage caused by our process.  For example, while repairing very deep scratches in a highly damaged disc, it is possible that during the process we may damage the data layer while attempting to remove the deep scratch.

Adopted July 18, 2011
Reviewed and approved December 15, 2014