The Library will maintain certain items of equipment for patron use on site.

  1. Audio-visual equipment
    1. The meeting room has a theater media projector with DVD, WII, and Playstation capabilities for staff use only.
    2. An overhead projector and portable sound system are available for meeting room use.  Both are stored in the closet.
    3. The Children’s Department has a media projector with VHS and DVD capabilities for staff use only.
  2. Computers
    The library has PCs and laptops for patron use.  Computers in the building are for in-library use only.  Charges will be made for print-outs.
  3. Microfilm readers
    The library will maintain machines for accessing the collection of microfilm.  Reservations may be required as necessary.  Charges will be made for print-outs.
  4. Photocopy Machine
    The library will provide a photocopier for public use.  Charges will be made for photocopies. The photocopy machine also allows patrons to scan and send to email or save to a USB device.  Library staff will provide assistance when requested.  Color copies will require staff assistance.  Patrons will not pay for staff mistakes when assistance is provided.
  5. Fax
    The library has a fax machine available for use by the public.  Charges will be made for the sending and receiving of faxes.   Library Staff will provide assistance in using the fax machine.  The fax number is 515.432.1103.

Adopted March 15, 2010
Revised and approved October 17, 2011, January 27, 2014